My wife changed the day we were married. It became a business instead of a relationship. She was prudish. Going to bed was about going to sleep. We were married a month before we had sex. It was not long after that I strayed. I worked 2nd shift and she worked 1st. I would visit my sister in law . It was not long before we were having sex .I almost had sex with her before I had sex with my wife.We carried on several months. Time past and my wife did not change. I had met a couple who worked with my wife. There was a lot of attraction between the wife and myself. His wife was a true blond and very tall and skinny. Her and I would flirt when we could. At one of the company Xmas parties her and I danced a lot. We danced off top the side of everyone in a corner. While we danced she blew in my ear and kissed my next. She noticed I enjoyed by my “are you happy to me bulge. She pushed against me . The whole time the husband was off doing what ever and my wife was talking . Towards the end of the night the girl was standing on one side of the table were we were sitting and I was on the other. I looked at her and she moved her eyes down the front of me. She the moved her head as a hint for me to look down. I did and the wet spot was looking back at me. I went to the bathroom and dried things up. They all worked at the hospital. If I was working near by doing construction I would go have lunch with my wife.Before leaving I would tell her I was going to run up and say hi to Laurie. I would go up to her office and she would close and lock her door after I came in. We would kiss  and grope each other. Those nights I would have to get home before my wife and was the perfume off my face. We never did it but I kick myself today for not doing her in the office. That ended when they slip up and she decided to take a bunch of people down at work including my wife. I was worried she would tell my wife but did not. I have seen her a couple of times sense and the tension is still there. Some years later I was working out of town on a drug store. We always flirted with the girls and joked around. One of the girls was sort of an assistant manager. She was another tall blond. During the whole time there we flirted a lot. Finally the next to last day there we went out to eat. When we got back to the store to get my truck the store was closed . We talked for some time and them we started making out. She was 21 and I was 36. It was not long before she was on top of me. We were in her tiny Ford Probe. She had some kind of belt on that I could not get undone and she could not either because of my handy work. So we dry fucked. She rode my hard on through pour pants and came three times. It was almost 3am . I went back to the hotel and could not get in the room because my room mate had the key and there was no one at the desk. He would not wake up. The next day was a long day. I would go up in the office while she was in there. We made out in front of the two way mirror windows which at the right angel you could see in. I had to work until 11pm to finish as it was the last day. I cleaned up in the bathroom and her and I went back to her car. This time the pants came down and she was great. After my divorce (not because I cheated)   I had a girlfriend who lived three hours away. I had met this woman here as a friend.Long story short we ended up having sex . On weekends I did not have my kids I would go see my girlfriend and some times she came here. We would pretty much have sex all day and well into the next morning short of a few hours to go eat. After she would leave or I arrived back home I would go to the other womans house and have sex with her most of the night and yes with my girlfriend on me. Her sucking my girlfriend off me was a turn on. She could not get enough and neither could I. I would be at her house when her mother called to chat . While she was on the phone in the kitchen I would go out and pull my dick out. She would be giving me a bj while listening to her mother. I would then pull her shorts down and start having sex with her from behind. The whole time she is moaning in the phone with devout Catholic mother. She knew about my girlfriend but my GF did not know about her. They even talked to each other. Both relationships ended because the GF could not move here and the other wanted to move on in her life. A few years ago I decided to go camping at a local county park. I took my gear with me to work and went to the camp ground right from work. I was planning on staying the week. Itw as Monday and there was hardly anyone in the tent section. I was the only one in the area. When I arrived there was a SUV two sites down but no setting up. As I unpacked the car I noticed a could out under a tree in the lawn area behind me. I started setting up my tent. I was getting ready to put the fly on when I saw movement to my right. I turned my head and the couple was on a blanket in that site. She had her pants down and was sucking him off. I got the fly on and went into the tent to change. I put on a thin pair of shorts. I grabbed my folding chair and put it behind my tent. No one driving thru or at the few tent around could see me. I sat down and watched. They both stripped and were all over each other. That was it . I took my shorts off and started stroking myself. I sat on the edge of the chair and leaned back. I’m seven inches and shaved. She had her bare as towards me while sucking him. I want so bad to go over and see if I could join of watch from there. I needed a shower badly and it was killing me to be so close yet so far away. I kept stroking and stopping ,letting it stick up without my hands on it. She was on top of him and was watching me. I could see her tell him and they both watched while they had sex. This went on for about two hours before it was to dark to see.I could see their white bodies and finally let myself cum. Some one drove by in the dark and saw then dressing and they called the cops. They dressed and left. I heard the cop siren and dressed and drove away too. As I drove through the park The cop was coming in on the other road. All that week as soon as I got to the campground I showed before going to my site in hopes they would return. I have no one big story but many little ones of a slut